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About Dannacher Holdings

Dannacher Holdings LLC is an international holding company and the family investment vehicle of Mr Patrick Rudolf Dannacher. We invest in technology-oriented and real-estate orientated growth companies and focus on companies with proven products and services that require equity capital for growth initiatives or liquidity. We seek to partner with management as a trusted advisor to help companies transition from entrepreneur-driven businesses to organizations with scalable and repeatable business processes and financial discipline. Dannacher Holdings seeks to be a lead investor, ideally the first institutional investor, but can work collaboratively with other investors as well. We target investments across a range of industries, primarily but not exclusively in technology sub-sectors such as software, cybersecurity, mobile, data center infrastructure, healthcare IT, and business/financial services. We prefer investment opportunities where we can add value through active Board participation, our network of contacts, helping to optimize business processes, and sourcing and analyzing acquisitions.